Lake Usma

Area of lake Usma – 37,2 km2, including isles – 42 km2. Length – 13,5 km. Widest part – 6 km. Average depth – 5,4 m. Maximum depth – 27 m. Coast line length – 73,6 km. Water volume – 190 mln. m3.

Lake Usma is a popular location for leisure activities like fishing and sailing. One of the oldest natural reserves in Europe – the Natural reserve of Moricsala is located on one of the seven isles of the lake.

Holiday centre Usmas Meki is located on the shore of the lake.

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Lake Lāčkroga

Approximately a kilometer away from Renda, in former limestone quary a small lake has formed. Its clear turquoise colour water comes from underground springs. Lake has got its name from the near by residence – “Lāčkrogs”. It is possibly the cleanest lake in Baltics and its water is drinkable.

Distance to lake from Usmas Meki is 11,7 km.


Kuldiga – a city with a soul. The cultural and historical heritage is an integral part of the city of Kuldiga. The historical center and buildings of Kuldiga city can be observed together with the unique natural landscape. The historical buildings and nature of the city form a unique unified ensemble, which is unique in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe. Historically, the Venta River and the Venta Waterfall have played an important role in the development of the city of Kuldiga. World heritage includes objects that are geographically connected to the Valley of Venta: Kuldīga Old Town, Kuldīga Castle Hill, Kuldīga Castle and Venta Canal. Ventas Rumba is the widest waterfall in Europe. Venta Rumba is a natural monument and belongs to the Valley of Venta Nature Reserve. Kuldiga is rich with various pubs and cafes. Also, variety of events take place in Kuldiga throughout the year.

Distance from Usmas Meķi to Kuldiga – 30 km.

Observation tower Usma

The 26 m high wooden tower is located on Hill Ūdru, on the northeastern shore of Lake Usma (less than a kilometer from the lake). From the viewing area of ​​the tower you can see the lake Usma, its islands and the vast forests. You can see towns Stende, Mundigciems, and in clear weather also Talsi.

Distance from Usmas Meķi – 23 km.

Church Usma

Usma St. Peter’s Church, built in 1936 according to the design of Paul Kundzins and Peter Arend. The congregation received it as a gift, because its former church, which had been in this place since 1704, was recognized by the Latvian state as so unique that it was transferred to the newly established Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Riga.

Usma St. Peter’s Church combines the traditions of wooden construction with the silhouette of the old church. And to this day, this church has also become protected and is called the pearl of Latvian architecture and wooden construction of Kurzeme of 1930s. Masterfully restored wooden church is located on the shore of Lake Usma next to the “Baložkalni” house.

Distance from Usmas Meķi – 6,9 km.

The Museum of the National Resistance Movement located in Viesturi, Renda Parish

National Partisan Museum in Renda Parish “Viesturi ” displays materials about the most important episodes of national resistance movement in Kurzeme and Latvia. The museum has hundreds of objects – photographs, documents, knives, mines, cartridges, weapons, shovels and others – that testify of the national resistance movement. Exposition of museum is devoted to resistance movement against both occupation offensives but mainly focuses on National Partisan war that took place between 1944 and 1956.

Distance from Usmas Meķi – 12,2 km.

Waterfall Ivande

Up to the point where River Ivande meets River Abava, the River Ivande has eroded waterfalls into dolomite rocks, the highest of which is 2.0 m high and 9 m wide. Located in the center of Renda approx. 100 m from the local shop and bus stop. The steep section of the river rapids and the waterfall are popular with water athletes during the spring flooding.

Distance from Usmas Meķi – 9,9 km.


Renda Parish is located in Kurzeme, in the north-east of Kuldiga region. Renda Parish is the second largest in terms of area after Kuldiga Parish. Most of the territory is covered by forests, rich with bogs, rivers and lakes. On the northern side, Renda Parish borders the south-eastern shore of Lake Usma, but river Abava and its beautiful ancient valley runs through the entire parish. The significant natural and cultural heritage of Renda Parish attracts nature lovers and many tourists, providing favorable conditions for the development of tourism in the parish. Of particular value is ancient Valley of river Abava, which is both a Natura 2000 protected nature area of ​​European significance and a nature reserve and a specially protected cultural and historical area.

Distance from Usmas Meķi – 10,3 km.

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