Leisure for all

There are several well maintained playgrounds for children of all ages. In addition, during the summer season and mostly on weekends, we set up a bouncy castle Panda which is available free of charge.

We have set up a public beach volleyball pitch, which is filled with beach sand, a professional volleyball net. The pitch is marked.

Just like a beach volleyball pitch, there is a basketball court with one basket available, and the basketball court is paved.

Jet-ski rental

Recreation complex Usma Meķi offers a wide range of active recreation opportunities on the water, including jet ski rental.

Jet skiing can be a great gift for anniversaries and a great way to spend your free time together with your friends. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and run away from your daily routine just for a moment.

Our friendly and professional instructors will train and encourage all of our clients, both those who are safe and fearless and those who do not feel so safe and confident.

Each client is provided with individual training and guidelines to make the client feel safe in each situation.

6 jet skis are available for rent, which allows you to enjoy rides with different types of jet skis alone, in pairs, or with larger groups of friends.

Jet skis are equipped with special safety devices that make this time spent on the water safe for you and also other people.

2 seats are easy to drive and will give you a great dose of adrenaline.

As this jet ski is meant for 2 people and is quite light weighted and has a small corpus it can be a challenge to hold balance and not fall off while driving with two persons on it. Maximum speed 83km/h.

Rental price 100€/h vai 250€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

2 seats, easy to drive, and has an adjustable steering wheel extension as well as adjustable turbine height. This jet ski is a sports version of Sea-doo Spark, with this jet ski you can jump, dive, and ride perpendicular to the water. Maximum speed 83km/h.

Rental price 100€/h vai 250€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

Three seats, very stable and easy to drive. With this jet ski, it is easy and safe to learn for those who do not yet feel so safe. Maximum speed 74km/h.

Rental price 100€/h vai 270€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

Three seats, very stable, easy to drive, and powerful. With this jet ski, it is easy and safe to learn for those who do not yet feel so safe, as well as for those who really want to catch a sense of speed on the water. Maximum speed 90km/h.

Rental price 110€/h vai 300€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

Three seats, very stable and easy to drive. With this jet ski, you can enjoy exclusive feelings as it is very powerful and good-looking. Maximum speed 115km/h.

Rental price 150€/h vai 400€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

Freestyle jet ski that can be used for both jumping and diving. If you are no longer attracted to ordinary jet skis and want to challenge yourself and try something new, more complicated, then this is for you.

Rental price 75€/h vai 200€/ daily (rent jetski for a day by calling us on +371 28 307 016)

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Leisure boat rental

Price – 75EUR/30min or 120EUR/hour.

We offer boat trips on Lake Usma for leisure and sightseeing. During the tour we will introduce you to the islands in Lake Usma, a nature reserve, a yacht club and the magic of Lake Usma.

Boat trips are also available for leisure with family and friends, enjoying the hot summer days on the water.

The boat has 7 seats + our captain. We do not offer a boat rental without our captain.

Wakeboard and other activities available while on boat trip. Or simply enjoy sunny day on water.

We offer rides with a water towables behind the motorboat. There are three different types of towables for every taste. The water towables are designed for both – lovers of extreme rides and peaceful outings. Peaceful trips are very popular with children so as with seasoned holidaymakers.

We offer to try wakeboarding behind a boat. Boat is equipped with a wakeboard tower. We offer training for everyone who wants to learn this fantastically dynamic water sport.

We also offer to enjoy the magic of the lake while skiing behind the boat, if you are not yet an expert, we are ready to teach you everything. While one enjoys the water attractions, the boat has 6 seats so friends can go with you to support and capture great moments around the Lake Usma.

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Stand up paddle boards

Price – 5EUR/hour or 25EUR/24hr

We have 7 stand up paddle boards for rent at Usma Meki. Test your balance on the board or simply catch the sun and enjoy the magic of Lake Usma.

Don’t be afraid if you have no prior knowledge. We will provide training and advice, and believe us – overcoming the first fears, many are excited to discover that paddling is a wonderful and active sport for everyone.

Pedal boats

Price – 5EUR/30min or 25EUR/24hr

We offer our guests trips on the lake with pedal boats. A pedal boat is a safe watercraft that is stable on the water, easy to manoeuvre and steer. The pedal boat has a deck on which you can easily place your belongings.

Pedal boats are four-seater – with and without a slide. Pedal boat rides are very popular with children. When renting a pedal boat, life jackets are provided, which will allow you to be even safer on water and enjoy water entertainment on the lake without worries, even further away from the lake shore.

Row boats and fishing

Price – 5EUR/hour or 20EUR/24hr

For trips around the lake, we offer fully equipped rowing boats. The boats are stable and safe, brightly colored, marked and easily visible from the shore. Very beautiful water lilies bloom on the shores of the lake. With a rowing boat you will be able to see and enjoy the water lilies around Lake Usma.

Lake Usma is one of the most popular fishing spots in Kurzeme. Enthusiasts from all over Latvia have found their fishing spots in this lake. Lake Usma is rich in fish such as perch, carp, pike, roach, bream, flounder, whitefish, pike-perch and eel. It is possible to organize fishing competitions here, and then conclude them with delicious meals of the catch and relaxation. We offer a place to clean and prepare the catch.

For fishing enthusiasts we offer boats equipped with life jackets and anchors. We also offer boats with an electric motor.

You are welcome to bring your own boat. There is no additional charge for bringing your own boat if you stay in our accommodations. We have a convenient access place to the lake for your boats.

Licenses are required to fish in Lake Usma.You can purchase them here in our holiday center.

License prices

One day license – 2,50 EUR

Monthly license – 10 EUR

Seasonal license (01.05 – 31.10) – 15 EUR

Three day license  – 5 EUR

Spinning (towing) monthly license – 15 EUR

Spinning (towing) one day license – 5 EUR

Yearly license (01.05 – 30.04) – 20 EUR

*Activity and equipment can be booked at the same time as booking the accommodation.

Saunas and hot tubs


Sauna – 1st hour 30EUR, every next hour 15EUR

Hot tub at the cottage – 60EUR

We offer our guests to supplement their holiday by relaxing in our saunas and hot tubs. We offer a sauna at the end of the lake pier, semi-floating with a view of the wonderful sunset over the Lake Usma. Straight from the sauna it is possible to cool off in the lake.

Or maybe you want a sauna with a terrace to sit and cool off in between? For this we offer our sauna house by the lake. Next to the sauna house there is a terrace with a hot tub and a chill zone where you can enjoy the pleasures of bathing, combined with watching the sunset.

It is possible to rent a sauna and a tub with a terrace without booking a stay at out holiday center – hire it just for occasion or relax.

We also offer catering food on the terrace for your occasion.

In addition to hot tub with terrace, we are also offering our portable hot tubs, which can be placed near any of the houses or tents. All hot tubs are equipped with lights and massage jets.