Sauna – 1st hour 30EUR, every next hour 15EUR

Hot tub at the cottage – 60EUR

We offer our guests to supplement their holiday by relaxing in our saunas and hot tubs. We offer a sauna at the end of the lake pier, semi-floating with a view of the wonderful sunset over the Lake Usma. Straight from the sauna it is possible to cool off in the lake.

Or maybe you want a sauna with a terrace to sit and cool off in between? For this we offer our sauna house by the lake. Next to the sauna house there is a terrace with a hot tub and a chill zone where you can enjoy the pleasures of bathing, combined with watching the sunset.

It is possible to rent a sauna and a tub with a terrace without booking a stay at out holiday center – hire it just for occasion or relax.

We also offer catering food on the terrace for your occasion.

In addition to hot tub with terrace, we are also offering our portable hot tubs, which can be placed near any of the houses or tents. All hot tubs are equipped with lights and massage jets.